20 AI Photo Editor Apps to Unleash Your Inner Artist


list of ai photo editor apps

AI photo editors have revolutionized the way we enhance and personalize our images. From effortlessly removing unwanted backgrounds to adding artistic filters, these applications bring a new level of sophistication to mobile photography. Let me walk you through the hand picked collection of 20 AI photo editor for your Android device.

As you navigate through the editing options, you’ll notice features like smart retouching, where imperfections are seamlessly corrected, and AI-powered filters that transform the mood of your photo. These app understands the nuances of color, light, and texture, ensuring that your final result is not just edited, but artistically refined.

Whether you want to create a vintage vibe or a futuristic look, the AI photo editor empowers you to effortlessly achieve professional-grade edits with just a few taps.

In essence, these AI photo editors on Android provide a user-friendly, powerful, and intuitive experience, making the art of photo editing accessible to everyone.

  1. Remini – Unleash the hidden magic within your blurry memories. Remini breathes life back into old photos, transforming grainy snapshots into crystal-clear masterpieces with the power of AI. Download Here
  2. FaceApp – Unleash your inner artist and playful spirit with FaceApp. Morph faces, swap genders, and experiment with a kaleidoscope of fun filters. Discover surprising transformations and share your creations with the world. Download Here
  3. Prisma – Step into a world of artistic alchemy with Prisma. Infuse your photos with the essence of iconic art movements, from bold Van Gogh swirls to dreamy Monet landscapes. Each tap unleashes a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Download Here
  4. Lensa AI – Go beyond basic edits and embrace the infinite possibilities of AI-powered portraiture with Lensa AI. Generate breathtaking variations of your selfies, explore personalized art styles, and unleash your inner avatar. Download Here
  5. Luminar Neo – Craft professional-grade edits with effortless precision. Luminar Neo’s AI-powered tools handle the heavy lifting, automatically adjusting exposure, color, and clarity for stunning results. Fine-tune every detail or let AI do the magic – the choice is yours. Download Here
  6. Afterlight – Take your mobile photography to new heights with Afterlight’s innovative AI tools. Replace dull skies with vibrant sunsets, add depth with HDR effects, and adjust specific areas like skin tones or highlights with just a touch. Download Here
  7. DALL-E 2 (Coming Soon) – Imagine a world where you can paint with words. DALL-E 2, the cutting-edge AI image generation tool, is on the horizon, ready to transform your text prompts into stunning, dreamlike visuals. Stay tuned for this game-changer. Download Here: Not available yet
  8. Enlight Photofox – Achieve salon-worthy portrait edits with the expert touch of AI. Enlight Photofox smoothens skin, whitens teeth, and reshapes facial features for a naturally enhanced look. Flaunt your best self, all powered by the magic of AI. Download Here
  9. Remart – Breathe new life into your cherished memories with Remart’s AI-powered restoration magic. Colorized black and white photos, sharpen blurry details, and even bring vintage stills to life with animated sequences. Rediscover the joy of forgotten moments. Download Here
  10. Snapseed – Classic photo editor with AI-powered tools for exposure correction, selective adjustments, and portrait beautification. Download Here
  11. Voila AI Artist – Unleash your inner Picasso with the tap of a finger. Voila AI Artist transforms your portraits into captivating artistic masterpieces, ranging from Renaissance-style paintings to captivating caricatures. Discover your hidden artistic talents and share your creations with the world. Download Here
  12. Artisto – Bring your photos to life and set them in motion with Artisto’s AI-powered magic. Turn still images into captivating short videos with stunning effects, from swirling brushstrokes to mesmerizing animations. Share your moments in a whole new way. Download Here
  13. MakeApp – Unlock your perfect selfie with MakeApp’s AI-powered beauty tools. Smooth skin, enhance features, apply flawless makeup, and even experiment with different hairstyles and colors. See your best self shine through with every touch. Download Here
  14. Wonder – Create unforgettable videos that defy reality with Wonder. Transform your photos into talking characters, add lip sync, and bring your stories to life with AI-powered animations. Make every moment magical and share the wonder with everyone. Download Here
  15. YouCam Makeup – Reimagine your look before you even lift a brush with YouCam Makeup’s virtual makeup studio. Experiment with countless styles, try on trending looks, and find your perfect match. Discover new favorites and confidently rock any look, thanks to AI. Download Here
  16. Unfold – Craft captivating Instagram stories that captivate and inspire with Unfold’s AI-powered templates, music suggestions, and automated editing. Effortlessly create stunning visuals that tell your story in style. Share your moments, make them unforgettable. Download Here
  17. Fotor – Edit photos with ease and achieve professional results with Fotor’s AI-powered tools. Remove unwanted backgrounds, erase objects with a tap, and let AI automatically enhance your images for stunning results. Effortless editing for everyone. Download Here
  18. Cupslice – Add a splash of creativity and inspiration to your photos with Cupslice’s AI-powered filters. Discover filters inspired by famous artists, movies, and video games, transforming your images into unique masterpieces. Unleash your creative vision and share your art with the world. Download Here
  19. PhotoDirector – Elevate your editing game with PhotoDirector’s professional-grade AI tools. Replace skies in a click, create stunning HDR effects, and master layer-based editing for limitless creative possibilities. Unleash your inner photo artist and create images that amaze. Download Here
  20. Pixlr – Get quick and easy edits done in a flash with Pixlr’s AI-powered tools. Crop, resize, and enhance photos automatically, or take your creativity further with advanced editing features. Perfect for on-the-go edits and sharing moments instantly. Download Here

My favorite app is Pixlr – easy to use!