What is a Diary? All You Need to Know About Writing a Diary Online

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Diary is a personal note of your feelings, and emotions based on the events that occur in a day. A diary shall be a hard-covered notebook or in modern days, it shall be even a web-based online diary or a mobile app like Happiom.

It is good practice to write in a diary every day. There are a lot of meaningful reasons to write a diary and it’s totally a personal decision of yours. You can write anything in a diary, in simple terms whatever comes to your mind.what is diary?

Many of us carry this as a habit right from childhood, for many writing a diary is something new. The truth is writing a diary is your personal choice. At the same time, this habit has a lot of benefits and it has the power to completely improve your life. It has the power to prepare you to achieve whatever you want in your life.

Being a writing enthusiast, we built the Happiom platform as an online diary!

Yes, it’s a private diary-writing platform, specially made for you!

Sounds interesting, right?

Why you should write a diary?

You can write a diary for numerous reasons and it’s an individual’s choice. However, we have compiled some interesting reasons which help you to find your own reason for writing a diary, especially an online diary.

  • to capture important events that happened in a day
  • to capture your personal feelings
  • to track your own emotions
  • to log your experiences
  • to remind your lessons
  • to capture memories
  • to improve yourself
  • to reduce stress
  • to read it :)

Writing a diary is always an interesting activity, there are a lot of advantages personally and scientifically too. This is not just a scrapbook, you can create more meaningful entries in your diary. That means you can write anything interesting about yourself, for you!reasons to write diary

There are no personal restrictions on what to write and what not to write in a diary. You can write about a fun event that made you happy and also, a hard event that made you sad.

All you have to enjoy the process of writing a diary!

As a habit, if you are able to write in a diary every day, this can bring in a major improvement in your lifestyle.

It’s not just about writing, instead:

  • it’s about your personality
  • it’s about your growth
  • it’s about you!

In the olden days, people used to write their diary using a hard notebook – that’s for sure an interesting way of writing it. However, physical diaries tend to undergo a lot of damage, and sure, at some time in your life, you may stop doing it. Because life won’t be the same always, you will be moving ahead in life by changing your location, your studies, your job, and your friends. Similarly, your habits can also change.

There comes the online diary, which you can write & read from anywhere, anytime, and even using any device (a web browser is enough) – it’s completely private & free too!

Refer to more details on the reasons to write a diary.

What are the advantages of writing a diary online?

On one side, you can find your own reasons for diary writing whereas, on the other side, it really has a lot of advantages. When you see these advantages for sure, you will be finding yourself motivated to use them.

Everything in life needs the motivation to keep going forward, here are some of the advantages of writing a diary to motivate you!

  • Write your diary at any time in a day
  • Write your diary from anywhere in the world
  • Read your dairy from anywhere in the world
  • Easily Add emotions, and feelings to your diary entries
  • Create beautiful memories – embed pictures, videos
  • Organize your diary entries by time, date, emotions, etc.
  • You can write an unlimited number of pages, the sky is the limit
  • Understand yourself through In-depth Personality Analytics
  • Moreover, use the diary from any device (any smartphone, iPad, PC/Laptop, etc.)

Happiom provides you with all these advantages as a single diary platform, it’s free to use and private!advantages of writing diary

No one else can read your diary, you will be provided with login credentials. Moreover, all your diary entries are stored in your own Google Drive storage that you can only access it.

As a diary enthusiast, every feature of Happiom is crafted with real users and their problems in mind, it’s the perfect online diary platform for you!

Explore the advantages of writing a diary online.

What are all the basic rules of maintaining a diary?

One of your major behavior of yours with respect to diaries is that you will be able to start writing, but you won’t be able to consistently write frequently or almost every day. You can write for a day or two, but writing every day is always a challenge.

You have to shift your mindset, build a habit and keep yourself satisfied with what you are doing.rules of writing

Here are the basic rules of maintaining a diary in your day-to-day life:

  • Mindset – Your mindset plays a major role. You have to keep your mind realized of the importance of writing a diary, you can easily do it.
    • Just say to yourself, I am interested in diary writing.
  • Habit – Writing a diary is a habit. You have to practice it as part of your life. If you start following it, for example, next 21 days – you will be able to build diary writing as a habit.
    • Just say to yourself, I am building a new habit.
  • Satisfaction – End of the day, by writing a diary you get Satisfaction. Your mind & body could feel the Satisfaction. This keeps you going, so the next time when you write an entry in your diary – make sure you feel this Satisfaction.
    • Just say to yourself, I am satisfied with what I am doing.

These 3 rules can help you to build this as a habit over a period of time. For sure, it doesn’t happen in a day or two, you have to just do it consistently. In general, following a set of rules helps you to maintain discipline and to stay focused in the process of maintaining a daily diary routine. Also, when you use the Happiom App, it sends notifications reminding you to write a diary entry for the preset time every day.

Understand more about diary writing & the rules here.

Stay disciplined, and enjoy the writing process!

What do you write in your diary?

Your diary is your personal asset. You have to keep it safe. You have to keep it private. You can write anything private in it. There’s no one to stop you, the sky is your limit!

what to write about you

Here are some of the cute things, you can write in a diary:

  • Write about your loved one
    • A person you love the most – could be your friend, someone in a relationship, or someone from your family.
    • An action that you enjoyed the most – your recent fun trip, an interesting event that happened around you, a celebration around you, an achievement you accomplished.
    • A thought of yours that you felt great about – your past life, about your future life, something important to remember always, your emotions, etc.
  • Your past or future memories
    • Anything from your past memory that amazed you and you could still remind within your mind. When you write about it, you release it as an emotion that heals and charges yourself.
    • Even a futuristic thought that grills in your mind. Shall be a fear that grips your mind. A plan for your future action. Or even what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Memorable pictures – you can capture a beautiful picture and sweet words about it – with Happiom, you can capture an unlimited number of pictures in a diary entry.
  • Even videos – you can even capture a cute video in your diary – with Happiom, you can embed an unlimited number of videos in a diary entry.

Writing a diary is always fun. At the same time, it has a lot of scientific or psychological benefits.

Writing is an art.

It has all the power to personally transform you into a better person.

See the interesting examples of what to write daily in a diary.

What are all the benefits of writing a diary?

Writing gives you full freedom – to think, to focus, to shape yourself. Writing a diary adds more personal flavor and brings life to the words you write. Sometimes, when you are much confused and not clear on what to do next, writing helps you to clean all those clutters and brings the focus point in front of you.

That means writing a diary has a lot of personal benefits.benefits of diary writing

Here are the key benefits of writing a diary:

  • Heals your body & mind
    • Writing helps you to release all the stocked knowledge or memories from your brain. Your mind dumps out everything and it kind of clears the bin.
    • When you are able to clear it from your mind, it heals – it directly heals your body too.
  • Reduces stress – relaxes & clams
    • It’s scientifically proven that writing releases all your day-to-day stress and keeps you relaxed.
    • We all float on a life full of rush and dust – it slowly cloaks you and creates a lot of stress. Writing a diary every day helps you to slow down and keeps you calm.
  • Creates beautiful memories
    • When you start capturing all your day-to-day interesting events in a diary, you start creating beautiful memories. As the day goes in your life, some fine days, for sure when you read back your diary – you will be feeling everything back in front of you.
    • Using Happiom, you can embed photos and videos in your online diary pages which adds even more beauty to your memories!

Keep yourself motivated, you can utilize the complete benefits of writing a diary.

Following a daily writing routine shall help you with continuous self-improvement in your day-to-day life.

How Happiom helps your journaling journey?

Happiom is the world’s first cloud-based online diary platform with data analytics.

Your diary is private, which means accessible only to you.

On reading this article, now you shall be knowing how deeply we are interested in diaries. As an enthusiast, we have built Happiom with all the problems of a common user in mind.best diary app

Here are the key features of Happiom:

  • Purely Private Diary
    • Your diary is accessible only to you. Not just protected by a login, all the data is stored on your own Google Cloud Drive account. That means, your diary is stored in your own account and never stored in our servers or anywhere else.
  • Write from anywhere
    • Your online diary is accessible from any web browser. All you just need is Internet access and a web browser – you name it anything (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.)
  • Write from any device
    • Happiom’s Android app enables access from smartphones, and tablets – if you are an iOS user, you can access Happiom from a web browser (any device – iPhone, iPad, or even your MacBook)
  • Your Personal Analytics
    • As Happiom captures all your emotions, and feelings – it’s powered with data analytics and it prepares in-depth personal analytics. This data analytics helps you to understand your own behavioral changes, influencing activities, and a lot more about you. These analytics helps you to improve yourself day-to-day in every aspect of your life.
  • It’s Free
    • Happiom is free-to-use. The free version has most of the required features to maintain your personal dairy throughout your life. Yes, for sure – if you find the premium features interesting, you can upgrade anytime!

These are the key features to know if you are a first-time user. We recommend you access your online diary for free here, you can also explore all the other features of Happiom.

Yes, it’s time to bring a positive change in your life.

It’s all in your own mind only.

Take the first step today.

Try Happiom for the web or download Happiom App from Google Play Store for FREE!

If you are already using the free version, take your writing journey to next level with Happiom premium.

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