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Your “Private” Online Diary with Analytics

Write a daily journal using the cloud-based journaling platform, express emotions, relieve stress & create a happy life yourself.

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Enjoy Truly “Private” Journal

All your journal entries are privately stored in your own private cloud. Yes, Happiom uses Google Drive as your storage place and no one else can access it. Your login is fully protected by Google Sign-in, all it takes is just one click to log in to your account.

Explore In-depth Analytics about Yourself

Using Happiom, all your journal entries from your dairy are graphed using advanced data analytics technology – which helps you to explore life patterns about yourself. With analytics, you can track your emotional trend, your personal interests, your negatives, and your positives in life. Simply, a self-care system that improves yourself in every aspect of your mind & activities towards success!

Write your Diary from Anywhere – Any Device, Any Browser

Easy to login into your account from any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) and any device (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS). We have an Android App. iOS users can access it from any web browser. It’s truly built on a cloud platform using your private Google Drive only.

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Happiom is your self-care platform

to beat all your Stress for FREE.

Write a daily journal using the world’s first cloud-based platform as a diary. Let’s create a Happy Life through private journaling.

Writing gives you full freedom – to think, to focus, to shape yourself. Writing a diary adds more personal flavor and brings life to the words you write. Sometimes, when you are much confused and not clear on what to do next, writing helps you to clean all those clutters and brings the focus point in front of you.

That means writing a diary has a lot of personal benefits.benefits of diary writing

Here are the key benefits of writing a diary:

  • Heals your body & mind
    • Writing helps you to release all the stocked knowledge or memories from your brain. Your mind dumps out everything and it kind of clears the bin.
    • When you are able to clear it from your mind, it heals – it directly heals your body too.
  • Reduces stress – relaxes & clams
    • It’s scientifically proven that writing releases all your day-to-day stress and keeps you relaxed.
    • We all float on a life full of rush and dust – it slowly cloaks you and creates a lot of stress. Writing a diary every day helps you to slow down and keeps you calm.
  • Creates beautiful memories
    • When you start capturing all your day-to-day interesting events in a diary, you start creating beautiful memories. As the day goes in your life, some fine days, for sure when you read back your diary – you will be feeling everything back in front of you.
    • Using Happiom, you can embed photos and videos in your online diary pages which adds even more beauty to your memories!

Keep yourself motivated, you can utilize the complete benefits of writing a diary.

Yes, it’s time to bring a positive change in your life.

It’s all in your own mind only.

Take the first step today.

Start Your Diary for FREE

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I love this app its so relatable, real and gives me immense joy thank you admin
The recovery sessions are great… helping me every day. I also write it in the journal….nicely able to log my personality.
Very interesting and useful happiom app. Happiom is a journey to create a happy life and to be happy always in life. Very good concept to grow well this app. Highly recommended.
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