List of 20 AI Websites for Students to Study AI Yourself

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AI Websites for Students

In the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in an era marked by rapid technological advancements, these websites serves as a gateway for students seeking valuable resources to enhance their understanding and skills in AI-related disciplines.

In this page you will discover a curated list of 20 AI websites tailored for students, each offering unique insights, courses, and practical experiences to learn AI yourself.

From interactive learning environments and renowned courses by industry leaders to repositories of datasets and cutting-edge research, our compilation spans the diverse landscape of AI education. Whether you are a novice exploring the foundations or an advanced learner delving into specialized domains, this page endeavors to connect you with valuable resources.

1. TensorFlow Playground

  • An interactive platform to learn and experiment with TensorFlow, a popular open-source machine learning framework.
  • Visit website.

2. Kaggle

  • A platform offering datasets, competitions, and collaborative data science projects, fostering hands-on AI and machine learning experience.
  • Visit website.

3. Coursera Online Courses

  • A renowned online courses covering fundamental concepts and applications of machine learning as well as AI.
  • Visit website.

4. Infosys AI certification

  • Infosys has recently initiated a commendable initiative by introducing a complimentary AI certification training program, aimed at empowering learners to develop new skill sets.
  • Visit website.


  • A resource hub offering practical deep learning courses, emphasizing simplicity and real-world applications.
  • Visit website.

6. OpenAI Gym

  • A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms, ideal for hands-on experience in AI.
  • Visit website.

7. Google AI Experiments

  • A collection of creative and interactive AI experiments, showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in various domains.
  • Visit website.

8. Microsoft AI School

  • Microsoft’s learning platform offering a range of AI courses, from beginner to advanced levels, covering various AI technologies.
  • Visit website.

9. Latest trends in AI from Indian Government

  • You can get all the latest insights & development from the world of Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  • Visit website.

10. UCI Machine Learning Repository

  • A comprehensive collection of datasets for machine learning, allowing students to practice and explore diverse real-world scenarios.
  • Visit website.

11. Udemy Online Courses

  • Udemy online course focusing on the societal and business implications of AI, suitable for students with non-technical backgrounds.
  • Visit website.

12. PyTorch Tutorials

  • Official tutorials for PyTorch, a popular deep learning framework, providing hands-on experience in building neural networks.
  • Visit website.

13. DeepMind

  • Explore research papers, blog posts, and publications from DeepMind, a leading AI research lab, to stay updated on cutting-edge advancements.
  • Visit website.

14. AI2 – Artificial Intelligence at Allen Institute for AI

  • A hub for AI research and resources, AI2 provides access to publications, tools, and datasets for students interested in various AI domains.
  • Visit website.

15. DataCamp – Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras

  • A practical online course on deep learning using Keras, a high-level neural networks API, suitable for beginners.
  • Visit website.

16. Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course

  • A beginner-friendly course by Google, offering a hands-on introduction to machine learning concepts and tools.
  • Visit website.

17. Swayam Courses by Indian Government for FREE

  • Explore all the latest courses on all latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence.
  • Visit website.

18. NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)

  • NPTEL offers online courses in various engineering, science, and technology domains, making high-quality education accessible to students across India.
  • Visit website.

19. Neural Networks and Deep Learning – Michael Nielsen

  • An online book by Michael Nielsen providing a comprehensive introduction to neural networks and deep learning.
  • Visit website.

20. AI Courses by Amazon

  • Amazon’s initiative providing resources and information on AI, emphasizing transparency and interpretability in AI systems for sure helps students.
  • Visit website.

Good luck for your AI career!