10 Ways to be Happy on Monday Every Week


Sad Monday? Follow this to be happy on Monday

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Monday is the first day of the week. If one starts on a good note, the entire week generally will be good. So make sure you are as happy as possible on Monday. This is a very important thing if you want the week to go well. Make sure that you take good care of your time and health which can dictate how you will feel during the week.sad monday

1. Unplug for the weekend

To know what is waiting for some time it can be tempting, therefore try to avoid checking work e-mails or voice mail over the weekend if you are not going to respond. Make sure you make good use of your weekend if you want to have a Monday with full energy. Many people do not make good use of the weekend and have a very stressful Monday as they are not relaxed and that could be terrible and one may get into a bad shape.

Take all the rest on the weekend; enjoy your time with your family. By doing this you make sure that you are ready for the war on Monday and happy and that is the best part about it.

2. Be positive

Take time to appreciate and recognize the things you enjoy at work. Make sure that you start the week with the attitude of gratitude. Try listening to your favourite music, to pump up yourself on your way to work. This begins even before you get work. Make sure you are on the right from of Monday and once you do that then things will be easy and you can have a good time on Monday Above all one needs to be happy at the start of the week and so you can completely enjoy your time.

Try your best not to be a complainer once you to the office, keeping to yourself the Monday grumpiness. Make sure that you are in a good mood, as if you do that then your colleagues will also be general, as you can lead by example. Make sure that you make every effort to give good results without any problems.

You will make the work environment better for those around you if you can be a source of positivity in the workplace and make your day more enjoyable as well.

3. Make someone else happy

As soon as you get to work on Monday, do something nice for someone else. This can lift the spirits and it can assist shift the overall mood in your office. If you plan well and are happy, you can also make others happy and there is nothing better than that. You can have a good time with friends and colleagues at work if you are happy from within.

Find some other way to make someone else’s day a little better, help out a stranger on the streets, or you may even compliment your workmate to do something nice for a customer.

Making someone else happy is one of the best ways to find your happiness. There are lots of people who are very confused and are not paying attention to this.

4. Dress for success

Perk up, Dress up and show up prepared to be positive, help others be positive as well. Share and show your charisma, spirit, and vibe and make yourself attractive to others making them have a better day.

Use Mondays as the day to put on your favourite outfit. This can get you a few compliments amongst your workmates hence helping build confidence.

5. List the things you are energized about

Making a list of few things that you are looking forward to at work that week, might put you in a more positive mood.

6. Prepare for Mondays on Friday

Be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday afternoon, to help compact that Monday morning anxiety, because Mondays can more stressful from the work that has been potentially piled up, from the previous week.

7. Get enough sleep and wake up early

On Sunday night, go to bed a little early and make sure you get enough sleep so that you may wake up feeling we-rested. Waking up 30 minutes earlier on Monday morning can make getting back to the office easier.

Taking time to do some exercises, enjoy a healthy breakfast, or even take the dog for a walk can assist you to remember that you are not a robot who works and sleeps.

8. Keep your Monday schedule light

A good strategy is to keep Monday schedules as clear as possible, knowing that Monday are traditionally busy days at the office. Try to schedule meetings for Tuesday and Wednesday when you are planning them.

Take some time for easier, more routine stuff instead of handling the biggest and most complicated tasks early on Monday.

9. Have a post-work plan

The day doesn’t have to be all about waking up to go into the office, go out with friends, prepare your favourite diner or catch up on your favourite TV show.

10. Have fun at work

On Mondays, take it upon yourself to do things that you enjoy most in the office. Maybe take a quick break to catch up with your friends in the office or bring donuts for your workmates.
It can be fun sharing stories about the weekend with your workmates, and that is a great way to strengthen interoffice friendships.

As a way to break up the day with some well-known positivity, create an event that you will be looking forward to on Mondays.

That can give you a chance to regroup, take a deep breath, and talk with a friend for the rest of the day.


Mondays are the best working days that you should make yourself and others happy. In that way, you make the whole week a walk-in park despite the work challenges that are always there.