15 Sweet Ways on How to be Happy When you are Sad?


Are you feeling sad? Never mind, you are not alone. People do get sad. But what they do when do to be happy again when they are sad? Wait a minute; there are handfuls of activities that can make you happy.

xxolaxx / Pixabay

1. Blast your favorite music and scream along

Get those feelings out in the confidentiality of your motorist’s seat. To avoid embarrassment, it is best done when you feel low.

2. Spend an hour with your favorite TV show

Watching your favorite TV shows will drive away from the sadness in you and bring in joy. It helps you forget things that are disturbing your mind. Enjoy every minute and in this way, you will find your happiness back again.

Make sure you laugh a lot.

3. Home alone

If you are worried about someone watching, shut the blinds.

Take a moment to work around the kitchen after you turn up your favorite song.

4. Buy a fancy candle

Don’t save it for any special occasion. Make sure you light it every night.

5. Go out with a good friend.

When you feel sad and low, your friends are the best way to shake it off.

Invite someone you want to get to know better about out for a drink or a walk. You can even reconnect with an old friend. Try to find those friends you have not seen for much of lately and go for a happy with them.

Practice to keep quality friends only.

6. Go out to buy something you need

You have to feel silly once in a while. Just purchase anything. It does not matter how it looks like it’s nice. Buying something that you need and simple will make you satisfied.

Don’t feel guilty for spending at times.

7. Call your favorite aunt or your grandma.

Calling your favorite family members will make you smile or even laugh. Make sure you call them at the time you are sad.

Most of the times, elderly people are the best solution for every problems in your life.

Respect your family elders.

8. Exercise

Even going for a walk around the vicinity is going to serve you up a little. Exercises will give you a lot of energy. It will make you glad.

Happy persons, keep them physically fit.

9. Get your nails done

Use a little money on a pampering experience you normally don’t do for yourself. Schedule a service you have always wanted. Let you relax and enjoy it.

10. Hang out with a little one

Spending with your little toddler lifts your spirits. When they are crawling all over, you can’t be down.

Feels you good and keeps you calm.

12. Do something nice for someone else.

That could be as simple as helping someone in need. It gives the great satisfaction and happiness instantly.

Try it today.

13. Watch funny videos.

For an instant, easy access, save a few to your phone. If kittens or puppies are your things then watch those funny stuffs.

14. Wear what you love.

Maybe you love rose or lavender. Wear a scent with those notes and will feel uplifted along with your favorite dress.

15. Get enough sleep.

Have those eight hours of beautiful sleep. Being constantly tired can wear you on.

Most of the time, sleep is the best solution.


When you are sad, know that you are not alone. Find out a way in which you will be happy again and forget the past.