Use ChatGPT as Free Grammar Check Alternative to Grammarly

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Sure, using ChatGPT as an alternative to Grammarly can be a handy and cost-effective solution for improving your writing. ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool that can assist you with various writing tasks, including checking grammar, punctuation, and style.

It’s easy to access, free of charge and doesn’t require any installations or subscriptions. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual writer, ChatGPT can provide valuable assistance in refining your text.

While ChatGPT offers many advantages, it’s important to keep in mind that it may not be as specialized as Grammarly in pinpointing advanced grammar issues.

Nevertheless, for everyday writing tasks and basic grammar checks, ChatGPT can be a helpful companion that simplifies the editing process and enhances the quality of your writing.

Simple Reasons to Use ChatGPT Instead of Grammarly

  1. Free – ChatGPT is free to use, while Grammarly usually requires a paid subscription for its advanced features. Using ChatGPT can save you money.
  2. Quick Access – You can use ChatGPT without installing any software or creating an account. Just go to a website or app that offers it, and you’re ready to go.
  3. Multiple Functions – ChatGPT can do more than grammar checks. It can answer questions, generate text, and help with various tasks, making it a versatile tool.
  4. Convenience – If you’re already using ChatGPT for other purposes, like getting information or brainstorming ideas, it’s convenient to also use it for grammar checks without switching to another tool.

However, remember that while ChatGPT is helpful, it might not be as accurate as Grammarly for checking complex grammar issues. So, for critical writing tasks, Grammarly could still be a better choice.

Using ChatGPT as a free alternative to Grammarly for checking your grammar and writing is possible, but it’s important to note that ChatGPT may not be as specialized or accurate as Grammarly for this specific purpose.

How You Can Use ChatGPT for Grammar Checking?

Step 1 – Access ChatGPT

You can access ChatGPT through various platforms, such as websites or apps that offer access to the model. Some popular options include OpenAI’s official platform or other third-party interfaces that integrate ChatGPT.

Step 2 –  Compose Your Text

Open the ChatGPT interface and start composing or pasting the text you want to check for grammar errors. Keep your text relatively short for better results, as longer texts may lead to incomplete responses or timeouts.

Step 3 – Request Grammar Check

Ask ChatGPT to help you check your grammar by framing a clear and specific question or instruction. For example:

– “Can you check the grammar in this sentence?”
– “Please correct any grammar mistakes in the following text.”
– “I need help with grammar. Here’s my paragraph:”

Step 4 – Analyze the Response

ChatGPT will provide suggestions and corrections based on your request. Read through the response carefully to identify any suggested corrections or improvements. ChatGPT may highlight errors or suggest alternative phrasings.

Step 5 – Implement Corrections

Manually edit your text based on the suggestions provided by ChatGPT. Correct any grammar mistakes and incorporate improvements into your writing.

Step 6 – Re-check if Needed

If you’re uncertain about any corrections or want to double-check your revised text, you can repeat the process by asking ChatGPT to review the text again.


Let’s say you have the following sentence with a grammar mistake:

  • Original sentence: “He going to the store yesterday.”

You can use ChatGPT like this:

  • Input: “Please check the grammar in this sentence: ‘He going to the store yesterday.'”

ChatGPT’s response might be something like:

  • Response: “The corrected sentence should be: ‘He went to the store yesterday.'”

In this example, ChatGPT detected the mistake and provided the corrected version of the sentence.chatgpt prompt to correct grammar errors

Watch the below video for more detailed steps:

Important Tips to Use ChatGPT instead of Grammarly

  • ChatGPT is not perfect, so always use your judgment when accepting its suggestions.
  • Be concise in your requests and focus on specific sentences or paragraphs.
  • Proofread your text after making corrections to ensure it reads well.

Remember that while ChatGPT can help with grammar, it’s a general-purpose AI and may not catch every error. For more comprehensive grammar checking, Grammarly or other dedicated grammar-checking tools might still be a better choice, but ChatGPT can be a helpful free alternative for basic grammar assistance.