How to Hide Your ChatGPT Chat Without Deleting Them

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access hidden chatgpt chats from archive

Whether you’re sharing personal anecdotes or engaging in confidential discussions with ChatGPT, OpenAI understands the importance of keeping your interactions discreet. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to deleting your ChatGPT chats.

OpenAI provides a seamless solution – the ability to conveniently hide your conversations from plain sight. This article will guide you through simple steps to achieve this on both the web and Android versions of ChatGPT.

When it comes to online communication, the ease of maintaining privacy without sacrificing convenience is crucial. OpenAI’s ChatGPT not only offers a powerful language model but also empowers users with a straightforward method to hide their chats. This ensures that your conversations remain private and secure, enhancing your overall experience with this innovative language model.

Engage in confidential talks with ChatGPT while keeping them discreet effortlessly. No need to delete – just hide your chats on the web or Android App with OpenAI’s simple steps.

Steps to Hide ChatGPT Chats on the Web

1. Log In

Visit ChatGPT and log in using your OpenAI account.

2. Select and Archive

  • Hover mouse over the chat to hide from the sidebar.
  • Just Click the Achieve button, which appears after the “…”
  • Once Archive is done, you will see a popup message saying “You can view archived chats in Settings”.how to locate and click the Archive button

3. Access Hidden Chats

  • Click your OpenAI account name in the bottom-left.
  • Select “Settings” and click “Manage” next to “Archived chats.”access hidden chatgpt chats from archive

4. View or Unarchive

  • Once you click “Manage”, you will see a popup with list of all archived conversations
  • To view, click the chat name.
  • To unhide, click “Unarchive conversation.”

unarchive chatgpt chat the exact steps

You can also Delete an archive chat like below:steps to delete archive conversion in chatgpt

Steps to Hide ChatGPT Chats on Your Android App

1. Launch and Archive

  • Open ChatGPT on Android, sign in.
  • Swipe right on the conversation or tap the lines in the top-left.
  • Long-press the chat, choose “Archive,” and confirm.Archive option in android chatgpt app

2. Access Hidden Chats

  • Tap the dots “…” next to your account name.
  • Select “Archived Chats” under Account.

3. View or Unarchive

  • Tap the hidden chat.
  • Select “View” to read or “Unarchive” to bring it back.
  • Note: Similar to the web version, hidden chats lack password protection.

To conclude, archive your ChatGPT talks for privacy without deleting them. Though not for multiple chats simultaneously, it effectively organizes and safeguards your interactions. While lacking password protection, it provides a useful layer of discretion. Effortlessly keep your chats hidden with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.