Crush Your Goals A Simple Guide to New Year Resolutions Success


new year resolutions with examples

You’re thinking about making a New Year’s resolution, huh?


It’s like a promise you make to yourself to do something cool or change a bit in the coming year. Now, setting one is easy – just think about what you want to do or be better at.

  • First, pick something that really matters to you. Maybe it’s getting healthier, learning a new skill, or just being happier. Keep it simple and real. Don’t go overboard; you want to set yourself up for success.
  • Next, break it down into smaller steps. Instead of saying, “I’ll be super fit,” you could start with “I’ll take a short walk every day.” Little victories, you know?
  • Now, the following part – that’s the trickier bit. Stick with it by making it a routine. Like, if your resolution is about exercise, maybe schedule it for the same time every day. It becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth.
  • Tell a friend about it. They can cheer you on and remind you when things get a bit tough. And hey, don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. We’re all human, right? Learn from it, adjust if needed, and keep going.
  • Celebrate the wins, even the small ones. That’s what keeps you going. Remember, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about making progress.

Go on, make that resolution, break it down, and own it. You got this!

List of New Year Resolutions for You

Let’s create a list of 30 New Year resolutions specially hand-picked for you!

1. Eat More Veggies – I’m going to add more colorful veggies to my plate – you know, the green, orange, and red ones.

2. Stay Hydrated – Gonna keep a water bottle with me all the time. Hydration is the key!

3. Morning Walks – Starting the day with a short walk – get those legs moving!

4. Read a Book a Month – I’m aiming for one book every month. Gotta exercise my brain too!

5. Less Screen Time – Cutting back on the endless scrolling. Time for a digital detox.

6. Learn to Cook One Signature Dish – Mastering one dish that will make people go, “Wow, you made this?”

7. Save Money Weekly – Putting a little something aside every week. It adds up!

8. Call Family Regularly – Make it a habit to call family members regularly.

9. Daily Gratitude Journal – Write down three things I’m grateful for every day. Start writing diary for free!

10. Yoga Once a Week – Trying out some yoga poses. Flexibility here I come!

11. Learn a New Language – Picking up the basics of a new language. Hola! Bonjour!

12. Cut Down on Sugar – Bye-bye, sugary snacks. Time to treat my body better.

13. Donate to Charity Monthly – Giving a little back each month. It feels good.

14. Plan a Tech-Free Day – One day a week without gadgets. Can I survive?

15. Take a Course – Enroll in a course to learn something new. Never stop growing!

16. Write a Handwritten Letter – Send an old-fashioned letter to someone I care about. Remember those?

17. Weekly Movie Night – Make time for a movie night every week. Complete with popcorn, of course.

18. Volunteer Once a Month – Giving back to the community. Helping others feels awesome.

19. Cut Out Fast Food – Saying no to fast food. Homemade meals are the way to go.

20. Travel to a New Place – Exploring somewhere I’ve never been before. Adventure awaits!

21. Meditate for 10 Minutes Daily – Find my zen for at least 10 minutes every day.

22. Start a Blog – Sharing thoughts and experiences with the world. Let the writing begin!

23. Learn to Play an Instrument – Dusting off that old guitar or trying something new. Music time!

24. Create a Budget – Keeping track of where my money goes. Budgets are my new best friend.

25. Plant a Garden – Growing some flowers or veggies. Embracing my inner gardener.

26. Practice Mindful Eating – Really savoring each bite. No more mindless munching.

27. Join a Cricket Team – Try out a new sport and meet some like-minded folks.

28. Declutter Monthly – Saying goodbye to things I don’t need. Less stuff, less stress.

29. Learn a New Skill Online – Take advantage of all those online tutorials. So many skills to choose from!

30. Celebrate Small Wins – Acknowledging and celebrating the small victories in life. Every step counts!

Key Steps to Follow Your New Year Resolution Without Slippage

key steps to follow it - person noting down the list to do
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado

Following your resolution is doable when you follow the below steps:

1. Start Small – Don’t go crazy. Begin with tiny steps.

2. Make a Plan – Figure out what you need to do. Simple plan, no rocket science.

3. Stick to a Routine – Do it at the same time daily. Routine makes it stick.

4. Tell Someone – Share your plan. It keeps you accountable.

5. Take Breaks – It’s okay. You’re not a robot. Take breaks, then get back on track.

6. Celebrate Wins – Even the small ones. Pat yourself on the back.

7. Learn from Oops Moments – Slip-ups happen. Learn, adjust, and move forward.

8. Stay Positive – Positivity is your power. Keep that vibe alive.

9. Visual Reminders – Sticky notes or phone alerts. Keep your goal in sight.

10. Enjoy the Journey – It’s not a race. Enjoy each step. You’re rocking it!


New Year’s resolutions are like a promise to yourself, a roadmap to a better you. Remember, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about progress.

As you journey through the year, keep the spark alive. Celebrate those small victories, learn from the bumpy bits, and enjoy the ride. You’ve got the power to make positive changes.

Go ahead, take that step, set that goal, and own it. Believe in yourself, because you’ve got what it takes. You’re not alone in this – millions are on this journey with you.

Keep pushing, stay positive, and here’s to a year of growth, smiles, and smashing those goals. You’ve got this! Cheers to the new improved you! 🌟