Top 3 Apps for Keeping Track of Work Hours Like a Pro


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Tracking work hours is essential for managing your time and income. With a work hours tracking app, you can easily monitor when you start and finish work. This helps you stay organized and ensures accurate payment for your efforts.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to use such apps effectively, making your work life simpler and more efficient.

Let’s get started!

Work Log – App #1

I’ve been using Work Log, and I must say it’s a fantastic app for tracking my work hours and earnings. It’s incredibly fast, simple, and user-friendly, making it a breeze to keep tabs on my shifts and calculate my wages.

One of the things I love about Work Log is its versatility. It allows me to track not only my hours but also expenses, tips, mileage, and more. This makes it a comprehensive tool for managing my work-related finances.

  • The app’s automatic break deduction and pay period settings are real-time-savers. I no longer have to manually calculate my breaks or worry about when my pay period ends. Work Log does it all for me.
  • Using widgets to punch in and out is a nifty feature. It’s a quick and convenient way to log my shifts, and I can even customize the punch-in and punch-out times. If I make a mistake, canceling the punch-in time is as easy as tapping on it.
  • Whether I prefer to punch in and out or enter my hours manually, Work Log accommodates both options. This flexibility suits my needs perfectly.
  • Customization is another strong suit of this app. I can tweak the look of the Work Log by adjusting settings like date and time formatting, choosing when my week starts, and switching between a light or dark theme. It’s all about making the app fit my style.
  • The pay period feature is a lifesaver. It automatically calculates my worked hours and wages for each paycheck. It’s a reliable tool for budgeting and financial planning.

Work Log offers extensive tracking options, including expenses, tips, sales, mileage, holiday pay, and more. I can keep detailed records of all my work-related information.

  • The app’s ability to calculate deductions and bonuses for paycheck estimates is a handy feature. It takes the guesswork out of my earnings.
  • Tracking overtime hours and wages for up to two separate overtime is a valuable addition. It ensures that I’m compensated accurately for any extra hours I put in.

For those seeking even more functionality, there’s the option to install Work Log Pro. It unlocks features like tracking multiple jobs, removing ads, exporting data as spreadsheets or PDFs, and backing up and importing via email.

Keep in mind that both Work Log Free and Work Log Pro need to be installed to access these premium features.

  • Download the Work Log app from here.

Work Log is a must-have app for anyone who wants a simple and effective way to manage their work hours and earnings. It’s free, easy to use, and packed with features that make work tracking a breeze. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable work log app.

image showing a work log
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Timesheet – App #2

Timesheet: Work Hours Tracker is a time-tracking app that’s tailor-made for honest, hardworking individuals like you. It’s incredibly straightforward, making it a breeze to keep tabs on your work hours and calculate your earnings, including overtime and bonus pay.

Here are the features that make your life simpler:

  • Hourly Pay Time Tracking – Whether you’re a freelancer, a shift worker, or a part-timer, this app has got you covered. Tracking your work hours and ensuring you get paid what you deserve has never been easier. It provides you with all the necessary time-tracking tools and software to keep an accurate record.
  • Automatic Salary Calculator – Filling in your time card is all you need to do. Timesheet’s time tracker takes care of the rest, calculating your earnings effortlessly. It’s not just a time tracker; it’s also a pay calculator and a leave management tool all rolled into one. With this app, you’ll never lose track of your hours, and it will always provide you with an accurate salary estimate.
  • Overtime Calculator and Custom Stats – After a long day at work, Timesheet Time Tracker automatically identifies if you’ve worked overtime and provides precise estimates. You can even add custom statistics to get a more detailed overview of how you spend your time. The app’s intuitive interface ensures ease of use, all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package.
  • Easily Track Work Breaks and Bonus Pay – Keep a record of your workday, including breaks and overtime. Timesheet is a user-friendly and free time tracker and time management tool. People worldwide trust it to track their work breaks and overtime, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters.
  • Automated Data Backup – Your data is valuable, and Timesheet treats it as such. With a simple click, you can export it to Excel or upload it to the cloud. What sets this app apart is its automatic cloud backup feature, a rarity in this field. Your data is respected and considered an asset to your business.

Timesheet: Work Hours Tracker is a straightforward and invaluable tool for anyone who wants to manage their work hours and earnings effortlessly. It’s a free, user-friendly app that simplifies time tracking and ensures you get paid accurately.

image showing a time sheet
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Whether you’re an individual or a small business owner, Timesheet has you covered, and it takes data security seriously with its automatic cloud backups.

  • Download the Timesheet app from here.

Working Hours – App #3

I’ve been using working hours, and it’s a fantastic app for tracking my work hours, whether I’m a freelancer, an hourly worker, or an employee. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their working time.

Here’s what I love about WorkingHours:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility – WorkingHours is a versatile time card and work log app that works seamlessly on all my devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Plus, it offers cloud sync, making it easy to access my data across all platforms.
  • Cloud Sync Options – I can use my preferred cloud storage, whether it’s OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or WebDAV, for syncing my data. It’s all about flexibility and convenience.
  • Effortless Time Tracking – With the widget and notification feature, I can start, pause, or stop tracking my working time without even opening the app. It’s a real time-saver.
  • Editing Work Units – We all make mistakes, and WorkingHours understands that. I can easily edit my work units afterward to correct any errors I may have made.
  • Task and Tag Assignments – I can assign tasks or tags to my work units, helping me organize and categorize my work effectively.
  • Flexible Data Export – WorkingHours offers multiple data export options, including Excel sheets, CSV files, and PDF invoices. It simplifies keeping a record of my working hours.
  • Efficient Work Unit Filtering – I can easily filter work units by tag and task, making it simple to review my working time.
  • Useful Graphical Analysis – WorkingHours provides graphical analysis tools that help me understand my working time and earnings trends.

The timer can be controlled using NFC tags, which adds a cool and convenient touch to time tracking. The app integrates with my calendar, converting appointments into tracked work time seamlessly. WorkingHours supports the Pomodoro technique, reminding me when it’s time to finish a work session and take a break (see the below picture, source). It keeps me productive.

image showing a pomodoro technique in detail

WorkingHours is an excellent tool for tracking work hours and managing time effectively. It caters to a wide range of users and offers a variety of features for free, with the option to upgrade to the Pro version for even more functionality.

Whether I’m a freelancer or an employee, this app helps me stay on top of my working hours with ease.

  • Download the app from here.

Using a work hours tracking app is a smart choice for anyone looking to streamline their work life. It simplifies time management, ensures accurate payment, and helps you stay organized.

With the convenience of technology at your fingertips, tracking work hours has never been easier. So, go ahead and make your work life more efficient by downloading a valuable tracking app.