How to Use Google Bard with Gmail and Other Google Apps?

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enable bard ai in gmail

Google Bard is an experiment that uses generative AI to provide tailored responses to your needs. It can integrate with various Google apps and services, making it even more helpful. What’s even cooler is that now it can work together with your Gmail and other Google stuff to make your life easier.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Google Bard along with Gmail and other Google Apps.

To try out all Google Bard features, visit here.

Connect to Google Apps and Services

1. Bard Extensions to Connect with Gmail

Bard Extensions is a new way to interact with Bard. It allows Bard to access and show you relevant information from various Google tools such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and hotels.

Example 1: Planning a Trip to Manali

  • You can ask Bard to find travel information from Gmail, including dates that work for everyone.
  • Look up real-time flight and hotel information.
  • Get Google Maps directions to the airport.
  • Watch YouTube videos about your destination.
  • All of this can be done within one conversation with Bard.

Example 2: Job Application

  • Ask Bard to find your resume from Google Drive and summarize it into a short personal statement.
  • Collaborate on your cover letter using Bard’s assistance and send mail using Gmail.

You can even export Bard’s response into Gmail, watch the below video for detailed steps:

Your Privacy

Google is committed to protecting your personal information. Content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive is not seen by human reviewers or used to show you ads.

You have control over your privacy settings and can turn off these extensions anytime.

Google bard also shows the below popup on the integration with Google Workspace Apps including Gmail along with privacy note:google bard integration popup with gmail or other workspace apps

2. “Google It” Feature

Bard now has a “Google it” button to double-check its answers.

When you click on the “G” icon, Bard will evaluate whether there is content across the web to support or contradict its response. You can click on highlighted phrases to learn more about the information found by Search.Google Bard accepting inputs from user

3. Collaborate on Shared Conversations

When someone shares a Bard chat with you through a public link, you can continue the conversation and ask Bard additional questions about the topic. This is helpful for building on others’ conversations or using them as a starting point for your own ideas.shared conversation with Google Bard

4. Expanded Language Support

Google is expanding access to Bard features to more than 40 languages. This includes the ability to upload images with Lens, get Search images in responses, and modify Bard’s responses in various languages.

5. PaLM 2 Model

All these new features are made possible by the PaLM 2 model, Google’s most capable model to date. It has been trained using reinforcement learning techniques to be more intuitive and imaginative.

With Google Bard’s latest updates, you can easily collaborate, find information, and get creative across various Google apps and services including Gmail. Enjoy using Bard to bring your ideas to life!