What is Creativity? How to Build a Creative Mind?


creativity meaning

Meaning of Creativity

Creativity is like a special power that helps people think of new and exciting things. It’s when you use your imagination to come up with ideas that nobody has thought of before.

Imagine your brain is a big treasure chest full of colorful and interesting thoughts. When you’re creative, you open that treasure chest and put those thoughts together in cool and different ways :)


When you draw a picture, write a story, or even come up with a fun game, you’re using your creativity. It’s like mixing and matching puzzle pieces in your mind to create something totally unique. Just like a superhero has its own special abilities, creativity is your superpower for making amazing stuff.

  • Creativity doesn’t have any rules or limits. You can use it to make art, solve problems, or even invent new things.
  • Think about inventors who created things like the light bulb or the telephone – they used their creative minds to dream up these awesome ideas.

Remember, everyone has their own special creativity inside them. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and having fun while you make something new and one-of-a-kind.

So, go ahead and explore the wonderful world of creativity!

person doing a creative work
Photo by Peng Li

How to Build a Creative Mind?

Having a creative mind is like having a magic wand that can make ordinary things extraordinary. Just like a superhero trains to become stronger, you can practice and train your mind to be more creative.

It’s all about discovering the amazing ideas hiding inside you and learning how to use them.

Let’s explore how you can become a creative champion step-by-step:

Building a creative mind is like growing a strong tree.

  • Think about exciting ideas and daydream about them.
  • Do things you’ve never done before, like drawing or cooking.
  • Wonder about stuff and ask “What if?” or “Why?”
  • Observe the world, notice details, and see what’s unique.
  • Take different thoughts and combine them to make something new.
  • Be curious to learn more about interesting things.
  • Don’t give up if it’s hard; keep going and find new ways.
  • Mistakes are okay, they can lead to cool discoveries.
  • Rest and relax so your mind stays fresh.
  • Trust that you can make awesome things.

Remember, like the tree, your creative mind grows with time and practice. So, practicing your creative mind is like having a superpower you can grow. Being creative means thinking in new and fun ways. Keep trying, and your creative ideas will keep getting better.

Stay curious and enjoy making amazing things all by yourself. Your creativity is like a bright light that can shine everywhere you go. It’s fun to think differently and make new things.

Remember, the more you practice, the more creative you’ll become.

Keep enjoying your creative journey!