Krutrim AI: How to Access Krutrim AI in India? I Did It

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Krutrim AI for India

Krutrim AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform designed specifically for Indian users. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, Krutrim aims to revolutionize the way Indians interact with technology.

From answering technical queries to providing insights on well-being, Krutrim offers a range of functionalities tailored to the needs of its users.

With support for both English and Hindi languages, Krutrim ensures accessibility for a diverse user base, empowering individuals to explore and harness the power of AI in their daily lives.

Step-by-step Guide to Access Krutrim AI

The following are the steps I tried today using Krutrim AI in India!

Step 1 – Accessing Olakrutrim

Step 2 – Registration/Login

  • Prompted to register or login.
  • Chose to login via Gmail.

    Access Krutrim AI by login via google or ola account

Step 3 – Language Selection

  • Opted for English language.Select language english or hindi for Krutrim AI usage

Step 4 – Initial Impressions

  • Welcome interface appeared.
  • Superior UI compared to Google Gemini AI.

Step 5 – First Interaction

  • Provided a technical prompt – “write a python code to generate 100 random numbers.”
  • Krutrim promptly generated code with clear explanation.Krutrim AI wrote python code

Step 6 – Well-being Prompt

  • Posed a well-being query – “explain why i am happy all the time.”
  • Received a satisfactory 7+ point explanation.Krutrim AI answered my prompt about well-being

Step 7 – General Knowledge Query

  • Asked a general knowledge question – “who is the prime minister of india.”
  • Krutrim responded it’s still learning, didn’t provide an answer.Krutrim AI answered about Prime Minister  of India, Modi ji

Overall Assessment of Krutrim AI

  • Simple and pleasant UI.
  • Provides accurate answers for most queries.
  • Early stage, so further assessment needed.
  • Excellent platform for Indian users to explore AI.
  • Appreciable Hindi language support.

How Krutrim AI can Help the Users?

Let’s see the key uses of Krutrim AI for Indian users:

  1. Krutrim AI efficiently tackles technical queries, offering precise and prompt solutions to coding problems and other technical challenges users may encounter.
  2. It goes beyond mere information provision, delving into personal development by providing insights on well-being and happiness, thereby fostering a holistic user experience.
  3. The platform excels in assisting users with coding tasks, generating code snippets and providing clear explanations to aid understanding, making it an invaluable resource for both beginners and seasoned programmers.
  4. With support for both English and Hindi languages, Krutrim ensures accessibility and inclusivity, catering to a diverse user base and facilitating seamless communication.
  5. Its prompt and accurate responses enhance users’ general knowledge, serving as a reliable source of information on a wide range of topics and inquiries.
  6. Krutrim AI encourages exploration and experimentation with artificial intelligence technology, empowering users to delve into the world of AI in a user-friendly and accessible manner.
  7. The platform’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design streamline interaction, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels.
  8. Beyond answering queries, Krutrim AI offers personalized recommendations and suggestions, tailoring its responses to individual user preferences and needs.
  9. It serves as a versatile tool for learning and development, offering educational resources, tutorials, and practical assistance to support users’ growth and skill development.
  10. Krutrim AI continuously evolves and improves, incorporating user feedback and leveraging advanced technologies to enhance its capabilities and provide an ever-improving service to its users. shows promise as an AI platform catering to Indian users, with a user-friendly interface and satisfactory performance in answering queries.

You can visit Krutrim blog for more latest updates!