How to Register and Get Early Access to Gork AI in India?

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Steps to get gork ai access

Gork AI is a cool new chatbot that’s super smart and even funny released by Elon Musk’s xAI. It looks almost similar to ChatGPT or Google Bard, which you can chat with online. Gork can quickly find information in real time, making it really helpful. It also has a great sense of humor, which adds a fun twist to your conversations.

People are excited about it because it’s a top-notch AI chatbot tied to Twitter (or X).

To get access to Gork, you might need to subscribe to X, the platform where it lives. X offers different subscription options. The Premium+ subscription costs $16 per month and gives you an ad-free experience, plus access to Gork. There’s also a Premium subscription for $8 per month and a basic tier for $3 per month.

If you want to chat with Gork, you can choose the subscription that fits you best and start enjoying its witty and informative company!

However, I tried to access Gork AI from India and got to know that currently early access is not available in Indian region.

I was pretty excited to try out Gork AI from India, but it turns out that the early access isn’t available in my region yet. So, I decided to give it a shot and see if there was any way to get in.

Steps to Register with Gork AI for Early Access

1. Visit the Gork AI Website

I went to the Gork AI website. It’s the place where you can try to access this smart chatbot.Gork AI website

2. Login with Twitter or X Account

When I got to the website, it asked me to log in using my Twitter or X account. So, I used my Twitter credentials to get started by clicking on “Sign in with X”

3. Authorize the X Account

After logging in, I was prompted to authorize my X account. This step is important to make sure it’s really you who’s trying to access Gork.authorize to access gork ai

4. Sorry, Not Available in Your Region

To my disappointment, after the authorization, it showed me a message saying that early access to Gork AI is not currently available in my region, which is India.Thank you message after login to Gork AI

5. Enter Your Email

However, it also gave me a glimmer of hope. It asked me to enter my email address so that they could notify me once early access became available in my region. Make sure to click “Save” after entering your email.

6. Email Saved for Notification

I entered my email, and the website confirmed that my email was saved. It assured me that they would send me a notification once I could hop on board for early access.Email saved and early access notification message

While I couldn’t access Gork AI just yet, I’ve got my email in there, and I’m hoping to chat with Gork as soon as it’s available in my region (India).

Fingers crossed for an early invite!