The Working Steps to Create Excel Sheets with Google Bard AI

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Let me guide you on leveraging the power of Google Bard AI to effortlessly create Excel sheets. You can simply provide your data, and Bard will do the heavy lifting.

Start by saying, ‘You, create an Excel sheet for this data: [insert your table].’ It’s like having your virtual assistant, handling your spreadsheet tasks efficiently.

I will transform your information into a well-organized sheet. If you need formulas or formatting, just ask, ‘You, add formulas for calculations’ or ‘I need some formatting here.’

Collaboration is easy too. Share the sheet with others in real-time by saying, ‘You, collaborate on this sheet.’ Google Bard ensures you can access your work from any device with the internet. ‘I can work on this from my phone, right?’

Remember, it’s all about simplifying your workflow.

Steps to Create Excel Sheet using Google Bard

  1. Prompt Bard to create a sample Excel with student details.
  2. Bard generates a table with student names, roll numbers, and marks.
  3. Find and click on the “Export to Sheets” option at the table’s bottom.
  4. Google Bard converts the table into a Google Sheets document.
  5. Look for the “Open” option after the conversion.
  6. Click on “Open.”
  7. The Google Sheets document opens automatically in Google Drive.
  8. Your spreadsheet is ready for use.

The following screenshot shows the working steps clearly:steps to create excel using bard

Sample Prompts to Create Excel Sheet

Here are the sample prompts to create an Excel sheet using Google Bard:

1. “Create an Excel sheet for the following table data: [provide the table data].”
2. “Generate a Google Sheets document with the input: [provide the table information].”
3. “Use Google Bard to make an Excel sheet based on the table data: [insert table].”
4. “Transform this table data into a Google Sheets document, please.”
5. “In Google Sheets, input the following data from the table: [include the table].”
6. “Can you help me create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets using this data: [share the table]?”
7. “Generate an Excel sheet for the given information: [input the table details].”
8. “Use Google Bard to organize this data into a spreadsheet: [provide the table].”
9. “Make a Google Sheets file with the following table data: [insert the table].”
10. “Convert the provided table information into a Google Sheets document, please.”

Good luck!