A good friend is a gift in your life. There may be a lot of friends to you but for sure, there are very few good friends. They have certain qualities in common which have the power to create a positive impact in your life. When you have such a good friend you are a lucky person.

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In reality, you may come across a lot of people around you, few people are just by-passes you, a few others are just friends and finally, 1 or 2 becomes your best friend. It’s all about the quality of the friend not about the number of friends you have.

There are people who have 1000’s of friends added to their Facebook account whereas when they call for help – for sure, not all those 1000 people come forward.

Only your best friend who cares for you stands out and comes forward – they help you in some way at least by kind words.

They stand next to you in tough times – they are good friends.

There are certain qualities of a good friend and if you have one with those qualities, you must never lose them in your life.

A good friend in need.

They stay with you during your difficult times. A good friend tries to help you at least through their kind words. They understand your difficulties and helps you to go through them easily.

A friend in need is a friend indeed – everyone knows that whereas not everyone comes forward, there are only a few. Out of them, the good friend stands for you and travels along with you no matter what kind of tough situation are facing now.

One who stands with you no matter what situation – a good friend.

A good friend has the power to create a positive impact.

A good friend has the power to create a positive impact in your life. They keep you impressed and motivates you always.

When they find you down, they do their best to bring you back. They carry a lot of positive energy and creates a positive impact in your life. When you have such good friends, you must hold them till the end of life.

Not everyone can create a positive impact in your life. Most of the time, people are jealous and they come to you for a reason.

A good friend never needs a reason to be with you.

A good friend delivers unlimited fun along with you.

You always enjoy a good friend’s company. You together make a lot of fun and it goes forever. At times, you may hurt each other but still enjoy doing it.

You have that mutual understanding. You have a great time.

Good friend pairs with you easily!

When you have such a friend, you are gifted in life.

A good friend correctly points your mistakes.

A good friend not just appreciates you always. They also clearly point all your mistakes. In fact, their words are precious most of the time. A good friend thinks good for you and they always want you to correct your mistakes. You must use each other positively.

Many of the people around you, hide your mistakes and points them in front of the wrong audience for their advantage.

You know this well.

A good friend never does that instead, they point your mistake directly to you, for your improvement, for your betterment.

A good friend accepts who you are.

Everyone is different. You have your own negative qualities which the people around you may ignore because of it. But a good friend accepts who you are. They very well know your negatives and positives but still, they accept it and stay with you.

The greatest quality of a friend is to accept who you are both your positive and negative sides.

It’s not easy to find such a person in today’s world – people use you for a reason, they are with you for a reason, for a purpose, once their purpose is fulfilled they start ignoring you.

Whereas a good friend stays with you accepting what you are and who you are, purely.

An Infographics on Good Friend Qualities.

A good friend is a valuable gift. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, all it matters is how many good friends you have in your life. Even if you have just one good friend, that’s great.

Qualities of Good Friends

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Most of the time, people around you are jealous, selfish, and egocentric whereas a good friend always enjoys your company from the heart.

Never lose a good friend…

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