10 Must Watch TED Talks on Self-Improvement


here are the must watch videos from TED Talk on self-improvement

Have you ever heard of TED Talks? They’re these amazing videos that you can watch online, where really smart people give speeches about all sorts of interesting topics! TED Talks are like a big treasure chest of knowledge, where you can learn about anything from science and technology to art and philosophy.

TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, and Design,” and it started back in 1984 as a conference where people from those three fields could come together and share their ideas. But now, TED has expanded to cover all kinds of topics, from business and education to global issues and beyond.here are the must watch videos from TED Talk on self-improvement

Here are the must-watch TED Talks about Self-Improvement:

1. Six behaviors to increase your confidence | Emily Jaenson

2. How to Discover Your Authentic Self — at Any Age | Bevy Smith

3. Stop doubting yourself and go after what you really, really want | Mario Lanzarotti

4. How to be the best version of yourself | Raquel Caballero

5. Challenging yourself is the key to achieving your endeavours | Spoorthi Vishwas

6. FAIL – Fight Again In Life | Dr Tanu Jain

7. Become the Person You Can’t Imagine | Norman Bacal

8. Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth | Adia Gooden

9. Befriend Yourself | Nivetha Thomas

10. The Dark Side of Self Improvement | Suzanne Eder

Hope you enjoyed, watching these videos!